Joshua Mark Williams

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Region Wales
Association Welsh Association

Joshua is a senior fashion lecturer and entrepreneur working towards a sustainable fashion system. His lectureship is at Bath Spa University and research is at the Research Centre for Environmental Humanities. He founded the sustainable menswear label Tails 1979 and is NED at (for heritage menswear retail and manufacture). | On his fellowship, Arctic to Antarctic - Learning from Fashion’s Oldest, he travelled to Argentina (Patagonia), Ecuador and the USA (Alaska). Abstract: this paper turns to fashion’s oldest makers in search of an answer to the UK’s sustainable fashion problem: the Mapuche of Chile, the Aymara of Bolivia, the Ecuadorian tolquilleras and the Inuit-Inupiat of North America. Many are on UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage Register for their contributions to humanity. Key findings include the need to recognise and celebrate the value of cultural heritage in British fashion. | Please get in touch if you would like to work together.

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