Laura Page
Email [email protected]
Region East Pennines
Association East Pennines Association

Laura Page is and artist, photographer, photojournalist and socially engaged practitioner. Her artwork is a mixture of photography, film, sound and mixed media and she often collaborates with others. Much of her work explores people, society, politics, culture and philosophy. She works as a socially engaged artist practitioner with people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities often working with groups that are marginalised or have little access to art and supporting people to make high quality artwork which aims at giving people a voice, building confidence and strengthening communities. She photographs and writes articles and reviews for regional, national and international newspapers and magazines.

  • photography workshop

    photography workshop

  • film workshop

    film workshop

  • LGBT+ art exhibition

    LGBT+ art exhibition

  • Two Worlds water abstract

    Two Worlds water abstract

  • No Irish

    No Irish