Lorna Fergus

Email [email protected]
Region Thameslea
Association Thameslea Association

Lorna Fergus is a Reporting Forensic Scientist Team Leader who’s area of expertise includes DNA profiling, body fluids, blood pattern analysis and damage interpretation. Lorna currently works at Cellmark Forensic Services in Oxfordshire and has done since 2005 having previously worked at the Forensic Science Service in London. Lorna has joined WCMT as a fellow for 2019 and will be travelling to Canada, Australia and New Zealand for her project. Lorna’s project involves looking into police officers awareness of DNA evidence. Her focus being police officers role during searches of premises for drugs and firearms whereby touch DNA may become a crucial part of the case. Lorna plans to observe police officers during these types of searches in the countries mentioned and learn about the approaches taken to train police officers with this awareness of DNA evidence and their understanding of the potential impact they themselves can have on the integrity of that DNA evidence.