Seb Mayfield

Region South
Association South Association (closed)

When I founded the award winning urban food growing network, Food Up Front, back in 2007, I saw first-hand the power good food can have on communities. I’ve seen how it can bring people together, creating new friendships and stronger communities. I’ve seen how it can be hugely beneficial to people’s physical and mental health and I’ve seen how it can inspire communities to take action in the fight against the injustices that prevent everyone from being able to eat healthy and sustainable food. I’ve worked on a wide variety of successful good food programmes over the last decade, from launching and building the Capital Growth network in London, to creating community food spaces for schools, to consulting housing association residents on use of communal green space and founding the Independent Food Aid Network. In doing so I’ve developed a broad range of skills and a keen awareness of the relevant issues at local, regional and national levels; both in the UK and internationally.

  • Seb Mayfield’s Story

    Seb Mayfield travelled to Canada in 2015 to spend time with emergency food aid providers.