Siofra Caherty

Region Northern Ireland
Association Northern Ireland Association

Whilst working as a designer for product and fashion for companies such as Adidas I became increasingly aware of the negative impact they were having on the environment. I started my own company Jump The Hedges as a way to create a product that was environmentally conscious and manufactured in a zero waste way. Through my business I have worked with local government and businesses to use waste material in order to create products of value and to encourage consumers to view waste in a different way. I believe that the zero waste approach I have to my business can be applied to building a more environmentally conscious and aware community. This is an important time for communities to look at their behaviour and approach to waste. I hope that through my fellowship travelling to and researching the locations of best practice throughout Europe, America and Canada I can build global relationships, learn and bring back ideas and experience to develop a zero waste community in Belfast.

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