Using the letters 'CF' after your name

All Churchill Fellows are entitled to use the letters ‘CF’ (for ‘Churchill Fellow’) after their names.

Fellows can use this on your business cards, website, presentations, correspondence and any other written or online communications, whether or not these relate to your Fellowship project. It is an indication of your lifelong status as a Churchill Fellow. 

Please note, this is only permitted once a Fellowship has been fully conferred. That means when an individual has completed their Fellowship travels, submitted their Fellow’s Report to our agreed standard, and had it accepted as such by us.

If you have more than one such honorific after your name and want guidance on their order of sequence, please see this page in Debrett's. Your CF counts as item (6c) and is an ‘Honorific, ie nomination by election’. There is detailed advice on this category, half way down that page.

This honour was granted by HM The Queen in 2019. WCMT Chairman Jeremy Soames said: “I am very pleased to advise all Fellows that Her Majesty the Queen, our patron, has graciously agreed this. It is intended as an honorific to mark the remarkable contribution of Churchill Fellows to our national life. We are deeply honoured by this recognition.

Picture: HM the Queen and HRH Prince Philip examine the Churchill Fellows' medallion, designed by Fellow Brian Clarke (left).