WCMT Annual Report 2017-18

“This has been a year of increasing the impact and reach of the Churchill Fellowships, across the UK and across the world. We have been inspired by the astonishing achievements of Churchill Fellows, whose dedication and dynamism are transforming lives, communities and professions in every sphere of our national life.” - Jeremy Soames, Chairman

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Fellowships for outstanding individuals

This year we awarded 150 Fellows to visit 36 countries, in search of practical solutions for the UK’s most pressing challenges. They will see the most innovative projects, meet the most inspiring practitioners, and study the most successful policy programmes in the world. On their return, they will turn these global insights into action, to make change happen for many years to come.

We awarded Fellowships in 13 categories: Craft and design, Education, Enterprise, Environment, Conservation and sustainable living, Health and wellbeing, Horticulture, Mental health, Migration, Social and affordable housing, Supporting vulnerable children following bereavement, Young people and an Open category.

Ideas for today's society

We kept watch on emerging issues and needs in UK society, and in response to these we launched three new Fellowship categories in 2018: for research relating to Emergency Services, Rural Living and Suicide Prevention. All three reflect our role in addressing key contemporary issues through global learning.

We multiplied the impact of two of these categories by partnering with two organisations that lead in these fields, the Samaritans and the Prince’s Countryside Fund. Partnerships like these help us to reach further into sectors and communities nationwide, in order to offer Fellowships to the greatest cross-section of people, and to share Fellows’ findings with the most effective users of their ideas.

A resource for the nation

Offering Fellowships to candidates from all parts of society is one of our key goals. This year we were pleased to see that the number of applications for Fellowships increased substantially and came from all parts of the country. It is clear that what we offer is valued by a growing number of people.

What we have always offered is a unique chance for all UK citizens to learn from the world for the benefit of the UK. In today’s context, this mission is more important than ever.

Key data

Nurturing leadership:

  • We awarded Churchill Fellowships to 150 outstanding individuals from all areas of UK society.
  • We supported them with grants of £992,312 to research their projects around the world.

Sharing ideas:

  • We awarded £11,500 in post-travel grants to help Fellows share their ideas across the UK.
  • Fellows shared their insights with 140,212 people.

Strengthening the UK:

  • Fellows set up projects that benefitted 22,541 people across the UK.
  • Fellows created 37 job opportunities and 503 volunteer opportunities based on their ideas.

"Because of my Fellowship, I have been taken more seriously in terms of what I want to achieve. It has given me direct access to influential people who have supported my aims. My research has been taken on board by local groups, which I don't feel my voice alone would have been.’ – Former teacher Debbie Austin, Fellow

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