Webinar: Crowdfunding your creative project

Crowdfunding is online fundraising where small amounts of money are raised by a large amount of people. Crowdfunding platforms allow creators to share their ideas, build their audience and raise the funds they require to create their product.

For this webinar, we’re joined by 2015 Churchill Fellow Gemma Seltzer. Gemma works for Kickstarter, one of the most popular crowdfunding platforms.

What we cover

  • How to create a crowdfunding project
  • How to set a fundraising goal
  • How to set the duration of your campaign
  • How to offer rewards to backers
  • How to create your project video
  • How to write your project description
  • How to build your crowdfunding network
  • How to communicate with your network
  • How to write product updates
  • How to promote your project

The speakers

  • Tristan Lawrence (host), Fellowship Director at WCMT
  • Gemma Seltzer, UK Arts and Culture Lead at Kickstarter