Webinar: Getting publicity through the media

If you would like to gain press coverage for the findings from your Fellowship travels, the webinar below offers hints and tips on how to do it.

In the webinar, Fellows share their experiences and answer questions from listeners. Topics covered include how to approach media outlets, working with journalists, raising your profile in the media and understanding how to take advantage of the news agenda.

The speakers in order of appearance are:

  • Jonathan Lorie (host), WCMT Communications Director, who is also a working journalist.
  • Nicola Sharp-Jeffs, who has gained coverage for her research in The Guardian, and BBC Radio 4's Today programme and Money Box. Her Fellowship was to Australia and the USA to investigate ways of supporting survivors of financial abuse.
  • Erica McInnis, who has gained coverage for her research on BBC Radio 4, The Psychologist and Therapy Today. Her Fellowship was to the USA to research African psychology and its benefits for mental health and wellbeing.
  • Nishtha Chugh, who has gained coverage for her research in The Guardian and BBC Asian Network. Her Fellowship was to India, Pakistan, Qatar and the USA to investigate rates of organ donation in BAME communities.

For more advice on getting publicity through the media, read our Guide to approaching the media or contact Naomi French, Research and Engagement Manager on [email protected].