Webinar: From learning to inspiring - next steps for your project

You’ve returned from your travels full of energy, ideas, questions… but what next?

This webinar is aimed at Churchill Fellows who have recently completed their travels and are now planning to write up their findings and put their global insights into practice.

Your travels are just the start of your Fellowship and we can support you in sharing the knowledge you bring back, to make change happen in your profession or community.

Topics covered

  • How to write and use your Fellows' Report
  • How to reach policy-makers, influencers and the media
  • Post-travel funding opportunities
  • Using Networks to connect with other Fellows
  • Applying for funding to run your own Network events

The speakers in order of appearance are the following WCMT staff members:

  • Tristan Lawrence (host) is Fellowship Director
  • Katie Baldock is Fellowship Support Manager - Dissemination
  • Naomi French is Research and Engagement Manager
  • Jonathan Lorie is Communications Director

For advice on writing and submitting your report, read our Report Guidelines and direct any questions to Katie on [email protected].

Further advice on approaching the media can be found here and you can contact Naomi on [email protected].

There are a number of resources on approaching policy-makers and influencers on the Fellows Resources page and you can email [email protected] for additional support.