Webinar: Social media and blogging

If you're interested in communicating your findings from your Fellowship travels using blogging and social mediathe webinar below offers hints and tips on how to do it.

In the webinar, Fellows share their experiences and answer questions from listeners. Topics covered include how to set up a blog, writing blog posts, using images on your blog and social media channels and engaging people through social media.

The speakers in order of appearance are:

  • Ben Anstis (host) is former Communications Officer at WCMT.
  • Siofra Caherty is a designer, educator and activist, who travelled to travelled to Canada, Denmark, Switzerland and the USA to study 'zero waste' initiatives. Siofra documented her travels through a blog, and on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.
  • Toby Carr is an architect who led a sea kayaking expedition to explore the northern extremities of the shipping forecast. Toby documented his travels through a blog and on Twitter and Instagram.
  • Siobhann Tighe is a broadcast journalist who travelled to Sweden and the USA to find out about prison radio stations that are accessible to the wider public. Siobhann documented her travels through a blog.

Below (l-r): Siobhann Tighe, Toby Carr, Ben Anstis

Social media & blogging webinar

For more advice on your social media and blogging, read our Guide to blogging or contact Rachel McKenna on [email protected]