The Activate Fund learning and support

Applications to the Activate Fund are now closed and will reopen in 2022.

As well as a grant, Activate Fund recipients (and shortlisted candidates) will be able to access ‘light touch’ support as you embark on activating or accelerating recommendations from your Fellowship.

We will support you in the following ways:

  • Where possible, we will tap into our networks to try and find a specialist in your field to help you. This support may take the form of advice, policy insight or introductions to ‘open doors’. This will not be a mentoring or coaching relationship, but a person within our network who you can contact about specific issues.
  • We will host online sessions every few months where Activate grant-recipients can meet with each other during the lifespan of your grant to form a peer network. Katie Baldock will set these meetings up and is on hand to facilitate connections between Fellows.

This support is optional and available as required, since we appreciate that Fellows' requirements vary widely.

How to apply to the Activate Fund

FAQs on the Activate Fund