We place a strong emphasis on the sharing of the new ideas and knowledge you collect during your Fellowship. We would like them to be widely and effectively disseminated so that as many people as possible can benefit from your learnings.

There are many ways that this dissemination can happen.

Press releases

We issue national and regional press releases in February each year, when new Fellowships are announced. Fellows often create their own releases prior to departure and we require all Fellows to write one on their return or when their report is approved for publication. These releases are normally aimed at regional and specialist press.


On return from your travels we will ask you to send us a report about your Fellowship findings and recommendations for the UK communities you are targeting, within three months of your return. Your report is one of the primary ways in which you can spread awareness and build consensus around the changes you want to see.

So that your findings and recommendations will be accessible to your target audience, be it policy makers, practitioners, members of your communities, we are happy to accept reports in a variety of formats including powerpoint presentations, video, audio etc. The Fellowship Team is available to support you and discuss the best way to present your recommendations. We will also help you with dissemination, to ensure you reach the widest appropriate audience.

You can take a look at some recent reports below

Gemma John
Calum Handforth


Our Fellowship Team and Communications Team are always available to help and advise Fellows, make connections and introductions and support you in your dissemination activities.

Fellows' own networks

You will have your own networks within your profession and they will be your first stop for announcing the ideas you wish to see implemented in the UK. You will need to 'aim high', contacting CEOs, Chairs and MDs initially. Workshops, seminars, conferences, presentations etc are all good ways to share your recommendations with your own networks.

Partnership networks

For some of our categories we are working in partnership with other charities and organisations who work at the frontline of the field. These partnerships provide useful networks of relevant professionals with whom to share findings, and exchange ideas and best practice, and as a Fellow you have access to them.

Fellowship networks

All new Fellows are connected to existing Fellows shortly after being selected. This provides an excellent support network both for advice on carrying out a successful Fellowship, and sharing information on return. Our Fellowship networks are constantly growing and expanding in type and number. Some meet in person and others maintain email contact.