Our annual newsletter

Our annual newsletter covers the latest news from Churchill Fellows, shines a spotlight on the current issues facing the UK and showcases how communities are coming together to create valuable and lasting change.

This year the theme is ‘looking to the future’ and our Chief Executive Julia Weston has written a blog outlining WCMT's ambitious long-term vision and plans for amplifying the vital work of Churchill Fellows in the UK.

“This is a time of change, of challenge and of opportunity” - Julia Weston, Chief Executive 

The topics we cover in this year's newsletter include:

  • Fellows' activities on Covid-19
  • The first recipients of our new Activate Fund
  • Developing black leadership 
  • Communities of hope for drug and alcohol users  
  • Music education for all 
  • Our partnership with the Mental Health Foundation 

Yvonne Field (CF 2012) (far right) has been campaigning to ensure the voices of BAME communities are heard

You can read our 2020 annual newsletter here and a blog by our Chief Executive Julia Weston here.

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2020 annual newsletter

Fellows' activities on Covid-19