Our themes

"The Fellowship opened doors I didn't even know existed. I've developed the professional skills to push forward children's advocacy at every possible opportunity." - Dr Andrew Rowland, Fellow

Churchill Fellowships explore the whole spectrum of challenges facing the UK. We focus them around eight universal themes in society: Arts and culture, Community and citizenship, Economy and enterprise, Education and skills, Environment and resources, Governance and public provision, Health and wellbeing, Science and technology.

Within each theme we offer one or more award categories every year, usually with 10 Fellows in each category. Applicants are invited to choose which category their project fits. Categories are evolved by our expert Advisory Council to ensure they are highly topical and to reflect the UK’s current and emerging issues.

In addition, we offer an Open category of award for any topics beyond this range. This is vital for allowing us to respond to innovative ideas from individual Fellows, and often alerts us to new issues as they arise.

Each award category usually runs for three years, allowing us to build a cohort of Fellows who are subject specialists and can work together in their field. We network Fellows on common topics, hold conferences on their specialisms, and help them to jointly brief policy-makers in their issues. Fellows’ reports on common topics are grouped together in the Learning area of our website, where anyone can access their global insights on specific issues.

Over time this has built into a cadre of knowledge leaders across the UK who are able to rise to new challenges and contribute to the progress of the nation.

2020 annual newsletter