Our values

Our commitment on equality and diversity


The Churchill Fellowship is fully committed to equality, diversity and inclusion.

We promote these values through our Fellowships, which embrace all groups and issues in society.

Fellowships are available to all UK adult citizens, regardless of qualifications, background or age. They seek solutions for issues in every area of UK life. And they break down barriers between cultures, by funding educational exchange between countries.

In awarding our Fellowships, we prioritise people and projects from under-represented and under-funded groups, and those who would not receive funding from other sources.

Over the last five years (2016-20), 15% of our Fellows have come from BAME communities; 10% declared a disability; 10% identified as LGBTQ+; and 65% were women.

You can read our statement on racism here.

Our core values 


We empower individuals to learn from the world and transform lives across the UK. We provide knowledge and opportunity for the UK and promote collaboration worldwide. We believe in the potential of the individual for personal growth and public impact.

Our values are:

  • Equality
  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Fairness
  • Diversity
  • Universality
  • Excellence
  • Accountability

 Our Fellows operate under a Code of Conduct that embodies these values.

Learning and improving


There is more for us to do, in order to live out our values. Our internal structures and processes are under review, in order to ensure that they are fully aligned with our values and reflect society today.

Our statement on racism