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“The Fellowship has inspired me to change my life and given me the confidence to take this plan forward. Thank you so much." - Social worker Polly Baines, Fellow

Lisa Finnegan researched Shanghai Mastery Maths teaching in China

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Every UK citizen can apply for a Churchill Fellowship. We are looking for people from all parts of society and all age groups, who are keen to make a contribution to their community or profession. We are interested in talent and commitment, which can come from anywhere.

To become a Fellow you do not need particular qualifications or experience. You do not need to be a leader in your organisation or your field. But you must have a passion for your project topic, for learning how to improve it and for making change happen.

Anyone aged 18 and above can apply, and we receive applications from across the age spectrum, from school-leavers to retirees. All are assessed equally, regardless of seniority.

To apply, you must be:

  • A UK citizen holding a UK passport. (If in doubt, please see the 'Citizenship' explanation below.)
  • Resident in the UK.
  • Aged 18 or over when you submit your application form (or turn 18 by the end of that year).

You can apply:

  • If you are a previously unsuccessful applicant.
  • If you were born in Northern Ireland, hold an Eire passport and are resident in the UK.
  • If you are resident in the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man.
  • If you reside in British Overseas Territories, or serve abroad in the Armed Forces or as a diplomat.

You cannot apply:

  • If you are already a Fellow.
  • If you do not meet the criteria above.
  • If your project falls outside of our funding criteria. 


  • As stated above, at the time of your application, you must be a UK citizen who is resident in the UK and holds a UK passport. 
  • If this is not the case in any way, at the time you apply, you are unfortunately not eligible.
  • For example, you would not be eligible if you had applied for a passport (or citizenship) but had not received it yet and therefore did not hold a UK passport.
  • Similarly, you would not be eligible if you have a right to UK citizenship but have not yet applied for it.
  • If you are an Australian or New Zealander, you might be able to apply to the Australian Trust or the New Zealand Trust.

Our application process this year has been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Latest news on applying can be read here.

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