Our partners

“Working with the Churchill Fellowship has been inspirational, allowing us to connect with so many talented people.” – Isabelle Goldie, Development Director, Mental Health Foundation

We welcome partnerships that can amplify our Fellowships through funding or expertise, while also progressing the partner’s goals. Recent partners have ranged from national agencies like the British Council to respected charities like the Rank Foundation, to major donors such as the J Paul Getty Jr Charitable Trust and individual philanthropists.

One thing that unites them all is a sense that they are backing individual talent and national potential - that the Fellows are extraordinary people whose determination and ability will make a practical difference in every sphere of UK life.

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Tailored partnerships

Each of our partnerships is developed in relation to the aims of the partner. Here is what we have developed so far:

  • Funding partners help us to attract applicants through their strong presence in a particular field. They also joinly fund Fellowships and provide a platform from which Fellows can disseminate their findings and recommendations.
  • Knowledge partners are non-financial supporters who bring a wealth of sector expertise, enabling us to reach potential applicants and enabling Fellows to impact their sectors effectively.
  • Funders are usually grant-making organisations that provide financial support to a category of Fellowships whose subject particularly interests them.
  • Donors support individual Fellowships without being part of a subject-specific relationship.

Leverage and growth

The Fellowships offer a model of relatively low-cost investment into individuals and impacts that will grow over decades. Fellows make change happen, locally and nationally, immediately and for the long term, during many years of personal and professional achievement.

If you would like to receive our partnership brochure or discuss becoming a partner, please email us on [email protected] or call 020 7799 1660.