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"Being away from home and my normal routine has enabled me to have wider eyes, a fresh perspective on the problems I'm attempting to solve, and a boost of inspiration. I cannot wait to bring all I've learned back to the UK." - Psychologist Erin Thompson, Fellow

Mark Walsh researched youth criminal justice

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At the heart of a Fellowship is a period spent travelling overseas to meet the leading practitioners and visit the most innovative projects in your chosen topic.

We provide a travel grant for you to do this. We also provide advice and assistance, before and after your travels, to help you make the most of their potential.

The grant will cover all the costs of 4-8 weeks' travelling. You can visit more than one country and more than one continent. Typically, Fellows travel for six weeks to two or three countries, sometimes breaking the journey into two trips.

The amount of the grant is based on the itinerary you submit in your application and is calculated individually, depending on the needs of the project, such as duration and destinations. Our aim is that all travel-related costs will be covered by the grant.

A budget will be required from you at the shortlist stage and may be recalculated by us.

The grant covers:

  • Economy return flights from the UK.
  • Internal travel in your destination countries.
  • Food and accommodation for the duration of your travels.

In addition to the grant, we also pay for:

  • Visa fees.
  • Vaccination costs.
  • Travel insurance.

Subject to approval, we may also pay for:

  • Conference fees.
  • Translator costs.
  • If you have a disability and need someone to travel with you, we will cover their costs for travel and accommodation, but not their fees.
  • In exceptional circumstances we may make a contribution to home expenses. This should be mentioned on the shortlist form, for discussion at interview. But please note this is rare.

Please note the grant does not cover:

  • Equipment (eg cameras, specialised travel gear).
  • Loss of income while travelling.
  • Costs of replacement staff at your workplace.
  • Training.

Our application process this year has been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Latest news on applying can be read here.

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