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"One of the most valuable experiences of my career. I have felt inspired, challenged, reflective, honoured and humbled by the opportunities I've had." - Dr Deanna Gibbs, Fellow

Rob Moon researched treatment for malaria

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A Churchill Fellowship offers you the full funding to travel anywhere in the world for 4-8 weeks, researching a topic of your choice that can make a contribution to UK society on your return.

These are not academic research trips, they are journeys to learn about real-world issues from the leading practitioners in the world. And we want you to make a real-world difference with your learning when you come home.

For your travels, we will provide a grant that covers all expenses, and help with trip planning to make the most of this opportunity. On your return, we will assist you to share your findings with key audiences and make change happen in your profession or community. 

We will prepare you for all this, before you travel, with our New Fellows' Seminars, our online Fellows' Resources and our lively programme of monthly webinars. After your trip we will help you to gather your ideas and share them the wider community. 

We have networks of Fellows in your topic or region, who we can connect you with to share expertise, contacts and ideas. We have partner organisations who can help with follow-on activities and funding. And we have an effective publicity operation that can advise and assist with spreading your ideas through the media, digital channels, live events and influential meetings.  

If you have a cause you’re keen to progress, through learning from the world, then we can help you – as we have helped over 5,600 Fellows over the years.

In return, we require you to summarise your findings in a report that can be shared with others, and to develop your ideas into a practical programme of action in your community or sector.

Our concept is as simple and powerful as that. We empower individuals to learn from the world, for the benefit of their communities and professions in the UK. You could be one of them.

Our application process this year has been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Latest news on applying can be read here.

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