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"The Fellowship has totally changed me, that’s what’s so powerful about it. It lets you dream a bigger dream.” – Musician Eva Okwonga, Fellow

Amy Varle researched approaches to tackling homelessness

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The purpose of a Churchill Fellowship is to make a contribution to UK society, using the knowledge you discover overseas. This process begins when you return from your travels.

At that point, we will expect you to start gathering your ideas and sharing them with relevant audiences in your field. The aim at this stage is to make change happen in terms of practice and policy, whether in your workplace, community, at regional or even national level. We can assist you with this.

Fellowship Report

The first step is to assemble and analyse the insights from your travels. We will require you to write these up in the form of a detailed Report, which documents what you discovered and what you recommend UK practitioners should do about it. This is your manifesto for change.

The Report is a key tool for presenting your ideas to influencers. We can help you in drawing it up, which we expect to be done within three months of your return. It is usually a written document, but can be a website or other multi-media format. It is published on our website, along with your own personal profile page, giving your ideas a public showcase.

Sharing your findings

We can also help you in sharing the Report to your key audiences. These might be colleagues at work and in your sector, journalists in your area or nationally, and policy-makers at many levels, from local agencies and authorities to decision-makers in Whitehall and Westminster.

There are many ways of spreading the word: in the media, online via our website or your own blog, through professional networks and events, at conferences and in briefing meetings with opinion-formers. Many Fellows start with small steps close to home, and progress to regional and national influence over time.

Most Fellows actively implement their findings as well. Typically this might be through leading a change process in their workplace or professional sector, or setting up an organisation or campaign. They become champions for their idea and knowledge leaders in their topic. This can be transformational.

Whatever your approach, we can offer guidance and contacts. Our website has a Fellows’ section full of useful resources and advice. Our Fellows’ Networks put you in touch with other Fellows in your subject or region. Our staff can provide assistance and advice, where appropriate, for approaching influencers and promoting your ideas.

A Fellowship is for life

Every two years we bring together recent Fellows at our Awards Ceremony, where they are presented with the Churchill medallion in recognition of their Fellowship. This is just part of how we keep in touch – and keep helping – through the years ahead.

You will already have been put in touch with Fellows’ networks across many topics and all parts of the UK. On your return you may want to access these for advice, support and collaboration.

In the 12 months after publication of your report, you are eligible for a small amount of post-travel funding to progress your findings, for example to hold workshops, make a training video or attend an international conference.

As your project grows, we will continue to promote it through our own channels and publications, including talks and meetings where a number of Fellows can present their findings together. You can go on accessing all of our assistance for as long as your project lasts.

We are still in touch with Fellows after years and even decades. We draw on them for our selection panels and governing bodies. We survey them to learn how we can improve our impact. And we watch their progress with great pride.

Our application process this year has been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Latest news on applying can be read here.

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